My Dream Tiny-House

Tiny-houses? Have you ever heared of that trend? When in America people weren’t able to afford their houses anymore and were left on the streets or just with a trailer and their car? Ya know what they did? They just built a freakin house out of that trailer. A tiny house.

While there isn’t a real definition of what counts as a tiny-house and what doesn’t, I belive you can call any space a tiny house if it is barely big enough to live in.

But what are they actually all about?

Minimalism. Just like a tiling windowmanager on Linux with just a program launcher and a statusbar is minimalism on the computer, owning a tinyhouse takes this minimalist environment into your reallife aswell. Having just enough space to live in and acomplish daily tasks is what makes tiny-houses minimalistic.

I actually kind of got pulled into this whole tiny-house thing by YouTube. The first tiny-house-video I saw was about a foreinger living in the city-centre of Tokyo. In that video she said that is costs about $600 per month which I would say is quite a lot for five square meters of space.

Of course, being YouTube, it started to recommend me even more of that tiny-house-goodness. “Living big in a tiny house” is one of the better known YouTube-channels about this topic, I really recommend it!

Today I saw a video where someone built an L-shaped tiny-house out of an actual smal house that isn’t moveable and another trailer that had just the essential stuff with which the owner could drive somewhere and sleep in it. I kind of got inspired by this.

Why my dream-tiny-house isn’t actually tiny.

If you know anything about me then you’d know that I tend to ignore things I can’t deal with in an instant. Whenever it takes me something I don’t have or something that I cannot accomplish, I tend to not do it at all. Which is why I have a server with 12TB of storage. And that is 90% full.

I know this is anything but minimalistic. Actually more maximalistic. B–but! I love having an easy and fast interface for a somewhat messy underlying layer. For example, I have a simple alias in my zsh-aliases, that allows me to just type anime whenever I want to watch one of my many many anime. My anime-folder is a freakin’ mess but if I know the name of the series, be it English, German or romanized Japanese, I will find it by just fuzzy typing its name into the fuzzyfinder promt.

Fuzzyfinder is genereally a tool that really represents my lifestyle quite well, go have a look at their github-page if you are interested.

Okay so back to the main-topic now. What has this lifestyle to do with my ideal tiny-house?

How it should actually look like

So basically, I want a tiny-house that is tiny and open and nature-friendly on the outside, but has a biiiiiig basement for all the stuff that I don’t usually need but that I want to store. I would like to build a tiny-house ontop of a hill and that hill should be almost hollow for big basement.

And it shouldn’t just be any regular old, square basement. I want this basement to be big and open and I want it to also have windows!

What about a pool that looks like it is level with the ground from the top but is submerged into the basement with a glasbottom and glas-sides. How cool would that be!

From looking at it, just an L-shaped tiny-house should be visible with everything you’d normally need in your daily life. A smal kitchen, a living-space, a bedroom, a bathroom. Just like all of these tiny-houses.

Next to the stairs that lead to the higher level where the bedrooms are there should be stairs to go down into the basement. From there they lead onto the floor of the basement which should be four meters of hight. They should bend rightwards and create a separation between the couch-area together with a big TV and dining table that is next to a full blown out kitchen-area.

The couch-area should be outlined with a soft-colored carpet, a very soft and comfortable, L-shaped living-room-couch, the longer part of which should be rectangular with the home-theatre setup and a smal table to put your drinks on. Additionally, a TV-shelf holds the TV and hides some of the equipment. Of course this is gonna be all of the latest home-cinema technology of the time I actually decide to build this home.

Hidden behind a straight wall will be lots of servers and all of the equipment that is necessairy for the solarpanels on the roof. An actual connection to the power-grid should ne be neccessairy at all. All of the technology in this house should run purely on these batteries. Speaking of straight wall. The ceiling of the whole basement will probably be round to make it more interesting and with the pool submerged into it from the highest part of it. The servers will also run only on the electricity that the solor installation provides. The excess-heat that those servers produce will be captured with a big radiator and will be used in the house as warm water or will be stored with a heat-pump.

Most importantly, this will be a minimalistic living-space on the top that is very open to the terrace and has lots of windows plus a nice man cave in the basement. All of that isn’t going to be designed just with one person in mind. Up to this point it is all just some rough ideas. I will try to make a render of the basement in Blender in the comming days if possible. Or I’ll probably just sketch it on a notebook so I don’t forget what my dream-home should look like.

This tiny-house — well, “tiny”-house — should be a combination of minimalism and openness to the environment and nature aswell as a place to get some privacy when that openness is just too much for the moment.

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