WordPress is bLoAt.

I don’t like using this website backend anymore. It is way too much for what my blog actually is. I’d prefer a very smal and easy to navigate site that only has my blog entries and isn’t based on some huge javascript based static site generator.
I don’t write much here because I don’t enjoy the interface of WordPress blog entries. Everything I’m writing is in vim and markdown anyways and after I didn’t find a working markdown editor for WordPress it got really hard to deploy something I wrote in pure markdown.
Now, I’d have to write it in vim and markdown, save it, convert it to html with pandoc and then copy and paste that into the pure html editor in WP. And hope it works.
Most of the time it doesn’t though and I spend trumendous amounts of time fiddling with the paragraphs until it looks like the pure html site. Writing here has become a fucking nightmare and I’ll end it soon.
I will be setting up a new site based on this blogpost from kageru and nothing but pure markdown to html conversition (and some really cool nginx-magic). If I can avoid pandoc, I will avoid it because it is huge and way too much for the thing I want it to do: convert .md to .html.
Now, I have also considered something like Jekyll and I almost got it working to a point where I was satisfied only to realize that I’d have to create my own design from scratch or rely on someone elses code.
To archive my goal, I’ll probably have to learn css aswell. And I’ll have to learn how to properly do html. Not just the basics. But I will learn it and I will do that because I’m so pissed by the sheer bLoAtYness of wOrDpReSs.
Oh and I’ll also implement a rss feed.
Don’t worry though. I’ll keep this site up because it is connected to a lot of memories and it actually has actual comments on the T100-CHI post that I didn’t expect at all and that made me happy aswell.
WordPress is okay for normies. It is pretty good for normies actually. I’d recommend it to anybody getting started with blogging. But not to myself, I don’t like it.